Fracking The UK 2

The Storm Rages On

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All author proceeds from this book will be used to help the people of the Fylde and West Lancashire fight against fracking.


In the first volume of Fracking The UK, Alan Tootill discussed the threat to Britain of a new dash for gas. It concluded that the US experience shows the UK government's imposition of shale gas exploration on an unwilling public is ill-judged and unacceptable. Published in March 2013, this remains an essential primer to fracking and how it might affect the UK.

The new volume, Fracking The UK 2 - The Storm Rages On, covers events in the UK since 2013, up to December 2016. It reports on new developments in the US and emerging information about the hazards of fracking, with reference to how this fits in with the UK government's pro-fracking climate. Political, industry and social developments in the UK are charted, with special emphasis on England, where the UK government is intent on inflicting fracking on an unwilling public.



1 Fracking and disposal cause earthquakes - it's official
2 Earthquake Risk - Are injection wells allowed in the UK?
3 Earthquake risk - just damaged homes?
4 Water contamination - the US saga continues
5 Water contamination and leaking wells - the UK story
6 Air pollution and methane emissions
7 Climate Change UK - The Greenest Government Ever?
8 MacKay and Stone
9 US Public Health
10 Public Health - The UK story
11 Freedom of Information - a test case
12 The Secret Society
13 Social impact
14 Big Brother
15 Little Brother
16 The Battle of Balcombe
17 The Battle of Barton Moss
18 Skirmishes and other Battles
19 The War on Democracy
20 Casualties - PNR and RW
21 Casualties - The White Rose
22 The Scottish Reports
23 What Next?


2013 (From March)
2016 (To early December)


Appendix A - RS&RAE Report Recommendations 2012
Appendix B - EPA SAB report on water contamination
Appendix C - Recommendations, MacKay Stone Report
Appendix D - Hospital Utilisation PA
Appendix E - EA public order risk allegations
Appendix F - Response to public order risk allegations
Appendix G - DEFRA Shale Gas Rural Economy Impacts
Appendix H - The Social Costs of Fracking
Appendix I - Underground Rights
Appendix J - Infrastructure Act
Appendix K - Planning Guidance
Appendix L - Cuadrilla's History
Appendix M - Scotland Health Assessment